July 25, 2007

Hi Guys,

I have a 1200A International 4wd (with manual locking hubs), ¾ Ton pickup truck. I need to change the brakes on the front end of my truck. My problem is # 1.) I do not know which front end I have (ie. Dana 30, 44, etc.) Could anyone help me with this question? I do know that my rear end is a Dana 60 but do not know about the front end.

My problem # 2 and the most difficult problem, in order to even get to my brakes I need a tool (aka: Spindle Nut Tool; Front End Bearing Socket: Wheel Bearing Tool), to take the Spindle nut off with. The nut is 2 ½ inches OD. My question for this problem is, does anyone know where I can get the specific Spindle nut tool for this Model, Year and size of Spindle Nut for my International ¾ ton, in order to help me reach my brake shoes? Thanks for any and all help.